Our Expertise
  • Component supply and preparation

  • Project management and subcontracting

  • Preparation of manufacturing and control specifications

  • Development of computer tools for use management

Electronic & Software
  • PCB wiring - wired - prototype

  • IVQ / Follow-on Support

  • Digital electronic components Programming

  • Software development

Electromagnetic Compliance
  • Hardening studies

  • Laboratory EMC measurements and testing

  • EMC and hyperfrequency measurements on sites

Follow-on Support
  • Follow-on Support of equipment, simulators or drones

  • Management of metrology means

  • Logistics Support Engineering

Cyber Security
  • Information System Security Diagnosis

GDPR - Data Protection
  • Reminder of the obligations,

  • The measures to comply with

  • Role of the DPO

Risk Assessment
  • Diagnostic

  • Multi-Risks Mapping

  • Recommendation

  • Support / Expertise

Our Services

Delegation of technicians and engineers

We assign our specialized employees directly to your project teams to provide you with:

  • Specific technical skill(s),

  • A complementary power for your development.

PHOEBE is committed to the quality of the means that we put at your disposal, for a day or for a year.

Project Work Management

Too much work, resource not available, capacity failure ?
You can outsource your entire project to PHOEBE.

Starting from a specification and a close relationship with your project manager, PHOEBE commits to the results: skill, quality, cost and deadlines.

Expertise : Electronics

The electronic activity proposed by PHOEBE consists of:

  • Wired cabling and/or cards, integration of electronic bays and prototype equipments

    • Cable CMS components all types on board, single or double layer prototyping according to IPC standard.

    • Wire wiring and mechanical assembly.

    • Integration of electronic equipment/boxes and integration/wiring of bays.

  • Programming of digital electronic components (VHDL on FPGA)

  • Software development projects (embedded and benches)

Expertise : EMC - Hyperfrequencies
  • Studies of "hardening" and/or immunity to electromagnetic and/or lightning attacks on static or onboard electronic systems and equipment

    • Characterization and qualification (EMC, lightning) by numerical simulations on military or civilian onboard or static equipment (aeronautical, space, naval and automotive).

    • Conducting EMC tests according to standards specific to the end-user of the equipment or system (PHOEBE who does not have specific test means uses the customer’s ones)

    • Shielding mitigation calculations on equipment, systems, buildings and infrastructure.

    • Studies of electromagnetic disturbances and their effects on complex systems and/or the human body

  • Performance measurements and product and/or integrated systems validation

    • Specific Absorption Rate Measurement (SAR)

    • Source power measurement

    • Calculation and measurement of radiation diagram of antennas, equipment or infrastructures (in the latter case PHOEBE sends an expert to any sensitive site)

Expertise : Follow-on Support

The Follow-on Support activity at PHOEBE consists of  :

  • Follow-on support activities for equipments and electronic PCBs.

    • Re-conformation of bay doors (electromagnetic sealing)

    • Testing and maintenance of electronic PCBs and bay control systems

    • Management of obsolescences

  • Follow-on support activities for Aeronautical simulator :

    • Controls and operation according to current procedures

    • Preventive and curative maintenance according to maintenance manual

    • Technical support for evolution or modification

    • Customer technical documentation management (operation and maintenance)

    • Management of spare parts and consumables

    • Management of technical interventions

    • Activity report


  • Follow-on support activities for drones :

    • Client Representative and interface on the program

    • Monitoring/coordinating of equipment repairs with subcontractors

    • Management of stock of spare parts

    • Coordination with the freight forwarder

  • Logistic Support Engineering :

    • LSA and LSAR.

    • Technical and Economical Analyses : initial spare part estimation, Level Of Repair Analysis (LORA), Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and resources estimation

Expertise : Industrial Methods

  • Development of work instructions and/or control, methodologies :

    • Leveraging the skills of stakeholders

    • Drafting new production methodologies

    • Drafting of sheets from existing instructions

    • Photographic reports for documentary insertion

  • Development of equipment operating and maintenance manuals

  • Preparation and scheduling:

    • Management of production needs, creation of production orders

    • Preparation of packed baskets

    • Inventory and Flow Management

  • Monitoring of production and/or subcontracting :

    • Planning and Time Management

    • Monitoring suppliers and their means :

      • Production and resources set up

      • Suppliers quality control

      • Logistical Means

    • Implementation and management of the procurement function specific to the project being processed (PHOEBE does not replace the customer’s purchasing department)

  • The management and administration of specific databases for capitalization of field experience data .


  • Design and definition of product quality control and processes : geometric, functional, normative, appearance, etc. (without specific means PHOEBE uses those of the client).

  • Studies of industrial solutions: tools, production means and resources…

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