Industrial Services - Telecom - IT
Qui sommes nous ?

PHOEBE c'est :

  • Près de 100 comsultants qui vous accompagnent chaque jour dans vos projets de développement.

  • Plus de 20 compétences techniques à votre disposition.

  • Un réseau de partenaires experts en france et à l'international.

  • Un engagement quotidien sur des valeurs que nous partageons avec vous. 

Who are we ?
  • About 100 consultants who accompany you every day in your development projects.

  • Over 20 technical skills.

  • A network of French and International partners.

  • A daily commitment to values that we share with you. 

Why to choose Phoebe ?
  • You are looking for experienced professionals with knowledge of Integrated Logistics Support, Operational Maintenance and Industrial Engineering.

  • You wish to be accompanied in the management of your IT and telecom development projects.

  • You are looking for a partner capable of managing, from end to end, the implementation of your terrestrial/submarine optical broadband transmission network in France or abroad.

  • You want to identify new IT hardware and network supply flows, allowing you to be more efficient.

Our Values
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